Daragh Iceland – New Images/Trip Report

What can we say Iceland? You’ve still got it. There’s just something captivating about Iceland’s raw beauty. The ice, the green machine and the possibility of amazing light. Iconic locations and light that just grabs you and forces you to stop. Daragh commented on seeing much fewer photographers there this year which made some of the key locations even better and more enjoyable to shoot. He captured some amazing imagery on his voyage, including some stunning northern lights, and that always changeable and inspiring Icelandic light. From iconic locations like Diamond Beach, to some more impromptu stops for the off the wall amazing light, we hope you will agree Daragh has put together some stunning images below.

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Diamond beach ablaze ..


Daragh is simply fantastic!!! He got us where we were going safely and with a smile on his face every day and night. His energy is boundless. His passion for photography shines through and just makes the experience!! He is incredibly patient and kind and worked with each one of us at our own level. He knows the Canon gear AND the Nikon gear which was a huge help to all of us. Just wanted you to know he is representing the Explore Light Team in traditional epic fashion!! 

Susan Auriemma

Black church served with green ..

Green in black?

You’ve seen the black church but how about a white one too?

Icelandic horses battling the elements ..

Iconic stacks at Vik ..

Iconic scenes from the glacial lagoon ..

The diamond beach in all is glory. What amazing foregrounds.

Abandoned structures Iceland ..

Mountain rescue ..

Light halting proceedings 1 ..

Light halting proceedings 2 ..

The amazing world underneath the glazier ..

Ice Detail 1 ..

Ice Detail 2 ..





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