Dublin Weekend : 6 & 7 Mar 2021

Dates: 6 & 7 March 2021 + 2 follow up webinars & one on one critique session (dates TBC after the 2 days shoot)
Instructor: Peter Gordon
Fee: €600
Includes: 2 Full Days tuition and location guide, 2 post production webinars and one on one online critique session
Deposit: €100
Group Size: 7 Max (We like to keep groups small)
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

It’s a chance to visit some really unique locations that Peter painstakingly scouted during Dublin Salt plus we have added some new location ideas for the weekend. Dublin Autumn colours, stunning minimal trees, deer in the Pheonix Park and some new architectural positions. We will adapt to the conditions and the tide and Peter will make a call on what will be our best chance to make great images with the weather as it happens.

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The workshop has 3 parts:

Part 1 – The Weekend Shoot

Shooting Dublin Bay and City. Decisions on locations will be based on conditions so there is no set itinerary. Where possible, Peter will bring you on the road less traveled and some of the less photographed scenes from Dublin Salt. Plus we will be out hunting some Autumn colours, and also shooting some city locations. Peter has tonnes of experience with shooting Dublin so the idea is to max out opportunities and teach you guys why we have gone to a specific location. Sunrise is at 8, sunset is at 6.30. There will be breaks factored in throughout the day for eating, a bit of downtime, etc. We will be shooting sunrise and sunset both days with some daytime shooting mixed in.

Part 2 – Editing

So let’s get the weekends work edited. 2 webinars will take place the following week with the other workshop participants. Peter will edit your images live online and we will have a Q and A. You will easily be able to log in and, interact with Peter and watch the edit. Peter will send you back the fully edited TIFF’S. 3 Full Edits per participant. Peter will edit a cross-reference of people’s work to provide a roadmap through the full edit of the weekend for everyone. 2 webinars, 2 hours each 7 – 9pm the following week. Full Live recording provided of these webinars.

Part 3 – Individual Review and Critique

Another week later, we will book in a 30-minute slot with each participant individually. The idea is that you have a 1 – 2 weeks to work on your edits from the weekend, with the support of the webinar from the previous week, and then we can have an online meeting and see what you have got right or wrong.

The weekend becomes a complete process.

– Planning, decision making for what locations and when to go
– On locations shooting, creative and technical instruction
– Webinar of edits form the shoots you’ve just been on
– Individual critique session to complete the process.

Why Choose ExploreLight?

Unlike most companies offering photography courses and workshops our instructors are specialist landscape and nature photographers. We represent an international standard in terms of landscape photography workshops and tours.  Peter, who runs this workshop  is currently Irish Pictorial Photographer of the Year and has also held the titles European and Irish Professional Photographer of the Year. Peter is a Dublin native and has been working on a project called Dublin Salt for the past 2 years. He has an intimate knowledge of Dublin locations, is the most experienced landscape photography instructor in the country, plus has tonnes of enthusiasm and an open approach to learning that he’s more than happy to share.

Costs and What’s Included

The cost of the workshop is €600. For this fee, you will receive all tuition and location guide as described above, 2 webinars and one on one online critique session


We reserve the right to refuse participation in our workshops. Placing a deposit is not a guarantee of participation.

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