Lake Baikal : 24 Feb – 4 Mar 2022

Lake Baikal: Workshop Dates: 24 Feb – 4 Mar 2022

Location: Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
Instructor: Peter Gordon & Daragh Muldowney
Fee: €4250
Deposit: €700
Includes: Accommodation for 8 Nights, 3 Meals per Day, spacious vans for transport across the lake, 2 photographic guides, 1 local guide, 1 local translator, 3 drivers, airport pick up and drop off

Group Size: 10 Participants,
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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Workshop Information – Lake Baikal in Focus

In the past 2 years, Daragh Muldowney has made some amazing journies deep into Siberia, more specifically, Lake Baikal, to create a new exhibition of stunning landscape photography. Through Daraghs adventures a unique opportunity has arisen to travel to Baikal in conjunction with Daragh’s local guide and our hosts Baikal Extreme. The trip will draw on Daragh’s local experience and knowledge, and combine it with an original photographic vision. ExploreLight is on hand to provide the perfect framework for this genuinely unique adventure.

Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, containing 22–23% of the world’s fresh surface water holding more water than the North American Great Lakes combined. In winter it is a frozen wonderland with exquisite ice imagery everywhere you look. It is a source of infinite beauty that is a wonder to behold and a joy to photograph. The surface of the lake freezes up to 2m thick making it possible to drive on and explore this vast ice-scape. Sculptural cracks journey across the surface with fine feathery detail. Large sapphire hummocks sit nestled in clean virgin snow. Jagged islands appear powerfully out of the cracked ice.

Baikal is not only a paradise of stunning photography but an adventure of epic proportions.


Workshop Programme

The tour is 8 nights long in total and begins and ends in Irkutsk. You will be collected from the airport and brought to your hotel to ensure you have a comfortable and secure arrival. This tour is for people who appreciate some genuine adventure. Nevertheless, we bring the ExploreLight promise of ensuring we don’t cut corners and make every aspect of the trip as comfortable as possible while still maintaining our primary focus, the photography

  • Night 1 – Irkutsk
  • Night 2 and 3 – Khuzhir
  • Night 4, 5 and 6 – Barguzin – (shared occupancy/single occupancy not available)
  • Night 7 – Khuzhir
  • Night 8 – Irkutsk

The split of nights allows for comfortable departure and arrival from Russia while the split of nights on opposite sides of the lake provides the right balance of time to explore and photograph the winter wonderland of Lake Baikal.


  • 8 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals per day
  • spacious vans for transport across the lake
  • airport pick up and drop off
  • 2 photographic guides
  • 1 local guide
  • 1 local translator
  • 3 drivers

This tour is hosted by Baikal Extreme

All necessary forms will be provided in order for you to acquire the appropriate visas to visit Russia. Our local tour provider will be an essential connection to ensure a unique and amazing experience.

Why Choose ExploreLight?

Unlike most companies offering photography courses and workshops, our instructors are specialist landscape and nature photographers. We represent an international standard in terms of landscape photography workshops and tours. Peter Gordon & Daragh Muldowney, who run this workshop are award-winning landscape photographers & have been running workshops together for many years. Baikal Extreme are fully licensed Russian tour operator.

Costs and What’s Included in Lake Baikal Workshop

The cost of the workshop is €4250. For this fee, you will receive all tuition and location guide as described above. Accommodation for 8 Nights, 3 Meals per Day, spacious vans for transport across the lake, 2 photographic guides, 1 local guide, 1 local translator, 3 drivers, airport pick up and drop off

FLIGHTS are not included

It is not advised to book flights until we confirm we have adequate numbers for this workshop to go ahead. In the event of the workshop not going ahead, we will refund deposits in full. However, we will not compensate for flight costs. We advise all participants to have travel insurance.


We reserve the right to refuse participation in our workshops. Placing a deposit is not a guarantee of participation.

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