New Lofoten 2019 Images

Still trying to scratch the surface of the 2019 edit from 2 amzing workshops in Lofoten. We have already been to Iceland North and South in the interim plus we head back to Lofoten Sunday for our final aurora tracing trip of the season. Its been amazing, its been emotional. Check out the tip of the iceberg below in terms of edits and hope to see you on a 2020 winter trip with ExploreLight ..

Join Us in Lofoten 2020 Now Live

Join Us Iceland North Now Live

Join Us Iceland South 2020 Now Live

We hope you enjoy folks and please feel free to share this link far and wide… Thanks .. The ExploreLight Team

That Perfect Cottage Lofoten

Great Shape in this Display

Blazing Northern Lights Hamnoy

Gentle Reflections Lofoten

More Local Village with Amazing Backdrops

Peak Snow

After Sunset Seascape Lofoten

Local Village Lofoten

Our Home Lofoten Style – Great Staying in these Cottages.

Single Red Cottage Lofoten

Gentle Pastels Lofoten Sunrise

The Lone Tree – Always a Winner!

Fresh Snow Lofoten

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