Online Post Processing : 1 to 1

Online Post Processing : 1 to 1 : Lightroom or Photoshop

Instructor: Peter Gordon
Fee 1 Hour: €90
Fee 2 Hours: €165
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Fee Includes: Customised One on One Session, Recorded Video of the Session

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Post Production Training

Why not join Peter for a customised post-production session. Share screens and work from the comfort of your home. The whole session will be recorded so you will end up with a personalised set of videos that perfectly suit your needs, pitched to your level.

Peter has a vast amount of experience editing landscape images. The classes can take place with Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop Proper or we can delve into Luminosity Masks with Tony Kuyper’s Actions.

The session can be a start to finish edit in the software of your choice or else you can select a specific topic or range of topics that you would like to focus on. Again the work will be done with your images. We can set up a screen share at an agreed time and work through a range of your files.

If you want personalised attention with your post production why not get in touch?

Potential Topics Include?

Start to Finish Edit on Your Images
Image Critique and Feedback
Full Workflow in ACR or Lightroom
Essential Tools in ACR or Lightroom
Creativity and Decision Making in Post Production
Blending in Lightroom or Photoshop
Masking, Smart Objects and More
Luminosity Masking

Feel Free to Come to us with anything you’re are struggling with and we can set up the right class for you.

Costs and What’s Included

Customised One on One Session, Recordings / Videos of Workflow

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