Storm Francis Waterford/Wexford

I’m definitely getting a strong urge to follow the severe wind and big waves. The stormy conditions of the past week seem like an appropriate narrative for the times we live in and certainly sum up my own feelings about the state of play worldwide. The chaos of the storm has been the perfect antidote to the chaos of life. I have been working at finding my own take on the conditions and I hope there will be a series of images that develop over time into something quite uniquely mine. For now, though I feel like I’m stealing something from Rachael Talibart. Rachael created a landmark series of storm-related images entitled ‘Sirens’ that has certainly influenced the series of images below. I just wanted to make sure to acknowledge this point as I hope to continue to escape to the chaos and find my own vision as much as I can over the coming months.

This week it was Storm Francis which passed through Ireland Monday/Tuesday this week. I decided to head south this time and catch the storm at Hook Head and the coastal village of Tramore. There were some wild and amazingly beautiful waves but if I’m totally honest I thought it would be more severe. The main action didn’t last long. I was hoping to feel totally overpowered by the weather which didn’t really happen but nevertheless I’m pleased with the images that I came home with and hope to continue the concept going forward. The experience was good but there is surely more.



The blue flag beach might just be off-limits for a swim. Not to worry my visit was storm-related so not a set of togs in site. Tramore Promenade, Southern Ireland.
Nikon d850 70 – 200

Storm Francis making itself felt at the Promenade Tramore, Southern Ireland. The high tide series of wave explosions didn’t last too long but delighted to capture some of the amazing atmosphere. Nikon d850 70 – 200


Hold onto your hat. Playing with a slower exposure. Storm Francis batters the hand railings on Tramore Promenade. Holiday makes would generally be taking hold of this railing en route to the beach. The water levels were so high with dramatic winds and swell. There wasn’t a bucket or spade in sight.  
nikon d850 24 – 70 2.8 Lee 3 Stop ND


Morsel upon morsel of tiny molecules. Fine, fine spray hurtling through the ocean at a ferocious pace from Storm Francis. Just the hint of green through the chaos suggesting a return to calm, normal, might just be possible. Nikon d850 200 – 500


The sea was so volatile it felt like molten lava trying to escape. An explosion was imminent but the chances of detonation seemed remote.  Storm Francis in minute detail. Nikon d850 200 – 500


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