The Irish Landscape – No Place Like Home

Hey folks. We know all St Paddys Day-related activities are being canceled at the moment but we still thought it would be nice to celebrate our native landscape in the form of this blog. Peter has spent some time looking through images that give you guys a real sense of the place we call home. Rugged, changeable and spectacular.

Derryclare Lough, Connemera

Lower Lake, Glendalough

Sally Gap Autumn, Wicklow

Glendalough, Co Wicklow

Doo Lough, South Mayo (Connemara)

Glendalough Upper Lake Winter, Wicklow

Glendalough Upper Lake, Wicklow

Mullaghderg, North Coast

Sally Gap Road, Wicklow

Natures Blanket, Glenmacknass, Wicklow

Killarney Lakes, Kerry, South West

Glendalough, Wicklow

Bloody Foreland, North Coast

Black Valley, Co Kerry

Bog Road, Connemara

Bog Road, Connemara

Sally Gap, Co Wicklow

Mollys Cottage, Kerry, South West

Enchanted Forest, Wicklow

Ballintoy Harbour, North Coast

Black Valley, Co Kerry

Tory Island Waves, North Coast

Gap of Dunloe, Kerry

Gap of Dunloe, Kerry


Connemara, Ireland Oct 2020 Join Us

South West, Ireland April 2021 Join Us

North Coast, Ireland April 2021 Join Us

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