The Process of Lockdown #2 : NEW IMAGES

There’s so much we miss within the archives and the current lockdown has given all us photographers an opportunity to trawl through the archives and pick out some gems. I’ve always felt like there were lots of images that I missed so let’s just see if my archives can outlive the lockdown.  Try it yourself you might be surprised what you find. 

What happens when we can’t see the sun? The light can be so gentle. I also love blue tones in my imagery over super bring yellow. I’ve been working on new websites all week so it’s given me a chance to delve deep into the archives and publish something from back in 2013.  So from the archives this week .. Hope you enjoy .. Peter

Dawn Etching – Peter Gordon 24/01/2020
Photograph Location: Lofoten Islands, Haukland Beach, Norway
Image Edition: Limited Edition Print (500)
So much calm in the air as we waited for the sun to rise. Fresh snow, purple and blue hues, and a great reflection. The serenity was mighty. 

Sitting Duck – Peter Gordon 14/05/2013
Photograph Location: Bog Road, 12 Bens, Connemara
Image Edition: Limited Edition Print (500)
The cool tones come out after sunset and can make for great landscape photographs. It was nearly dark when I made this 2 minute exposure on Ireland’s west coast. Not a breath of wind.

Splash – Peter Gordon 2/5/2019
Photograph Location: Dingle Peninsula Kerry
Image Edition: Limited Edition Print (29)
There’s nothing like a good old fashioned wet Irish day for landscape photography. The weather really captures the energy and raw beauty of the landscape.

I hope you enjoyed these new (OLD) images. If you want to learn more about how I process my pictures check out the link below. Take care and be safe .. Peter



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